Kevin Talbert is a community volunteer active in many local sustainability efforts including the Ashland Food Project, Master Recyclers, Jackson County Master Gardeners and OSU's Land Steward program.

During his 26 years at Southern Oregon University, he served as Director of Extended Campus programs & Chief Information Officer. While there, he was involved in many community outreach efforts and was instrumental in starting programs including the Master in Management (MIM), Academy and SOLIR (now Ollie). He currently teaches an online management course for the University of Oregon's Applied Information Management masters program.
Kevin currently serves on the board of the Crater Lake Natural History Association and is the Vice President of the Oregon Community College Association. He is an active volunteer with The Nature Conservancy and the Jackson County Animal Shelter where his wife, Barbara, is the Manager. He enjoys reading, movies, natural history, and many outdoor activities including hiking, rafting and camping.

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