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Easy Valley Farm

2557 E. Evans Creek Rd
Rogue River 97537
We have a sweet little farm stand in Rogue River, located three miles from I-5 off exit 48, a 1/2 mile north of the high school. We grow a variety of summer and winter vegetables, fruits, herbs and flowers and we carry other local products like meat...

Fry Family Farm Store

2184 Ross Lane
Medford 97501
The Farm Store at Fry Family Farm is a dream that we: Suzi, Steve, Amber and Terra Fry are excited to share. The Farm Store, located on their farm at 2184 Ross Lane in Medford, features local and regional, organic vegetables, fruits and flowers. We a...

Hillcrest Orchard

3285 Hillcrest Road
Medford 97504
Since 1908, Hillcrest Orchard has grown some of the Rogue Valley’s best pears, apples, peaches and more! Please come and see our historic orchard and enjoy the “fruits” of our labor at our honor barn farm stand and the RoxyAnn Winery tasting room. Ou...

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